How Can One Home Inspection Company Benefit The Buyer, The Seller & The Real Estate Agent?

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“Home Inspectors are created equal, right?”

Actually, not at all. For decades inspectors offered little more than an “opinion.” They shared no liability whatsoever. A-Pro has revolutionized the industry by putting real protection into every inspection. We back up our findings with real, ironclad guarantees. We pay for repairs. We hold ourselves accountable. And that’s not all A-Pro does differently.

Discover how our unique formula:

1. Benefits buyers, sellers and real estate agents…simultaneously
2. Sells home faster and for more money
3. Guarantees no third-party follow-up inspections will be necessary
4. and much more...


Consider this: More than 50% of home buyers face an unexpected repair within the first 12 months of home ownership. Isn’t the purpose of a home inspection to unearth many of these issues? One of the hallmarks of A-Pro is that we introduced the element of accountability to the home inspection industry. Whereas many inspections offer little more than an educated opinion on the condition of a A-Pro inspection offers clients bona-fide protection through our industry-leading Accuracy Assurance Guarantee.

With this “If We Pass It, We Protect It” guarantee, any unexpected repair or replacement resulting from an inspected system or appliance, not noted in the inspection report as deficient… is covered. This iron-clad 120-Day guarantee is included in our inspections with no extra cost to the customer.

Simply stated, no other inspection provides consumers with greater peace of mind.

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